Supply chains, the engines that enable the delivery of goods to all corners of the world, come with a constant challenge: they are involved, siloed, and require tens of thousands of people to make them work. At best they are inefficient. At worst they are completely broken. ClearMetal is changing how industries think about modernizing supply chains to make it all run smoothly and effectively. Our solution requires sourcing and assembling the right data, building AI tools that drive new previously unattainable insights and then allowing people to seamlessly collaborate and make decisions based on the best information possible.

We are looking for a seasoned frontend engineer to join our team and help tackle this problem. You should be excited to work with complex, intricate data and to create high impact solutions for a massive industry that’s lagging behind the times. Our frontend team is still small, so you should be excited to empower the team with a strong technical foundation, and help expand the frontend team.

What we’re looking for:

The ideal person has:
- 6+ years experience in front-end engineering
- Strong knowledge of modern Javascript (ES6), HTML5 & CSS3
- Strong knowledge of React/Redux
- Experience implementing and analyzing user analytics
- Experience collaborating with API Developers
- Experience collaborating with Designers
- Experience teaching, mentoring or managing
- An eye for detail

- You love pair programming
- You stay on top of the latest JS technologies
- Experience supporting legacy browsers (IE 11+)
- You’ve built APIs yourself